Xperience realty

During my tenure at Xperience Realty, a distinguished boutique real estate agency nestled in Toowong, I embarked on an impactful journey that encompassed a comprehensive rebranding initiative. As the sole designer on this pivotal project, I spearheaded the transformation of Xperience Realty’s visual identity. This encompassed not only a full rebrand but also the meticulous redesign of all marketing collateral, breathing new life into the agency’s image.

One of the crowning achievements of this endeavor was the complete overhaul of the Xperience Realty website. Through a combination of creative vision and technical expertise, I crafted a modern and highly functional online platform that perfectly mirrors the agency’s unique ethos and services. This project showcases my ability to drive substantial positive change within a company, delivering a cohesive and compelling brand presence across both digital and print mediums. My dedication to elevating Xperience Realty’s profile through design exemplifies my commitment to fostering success in every venture I undertake.

Web Design

graphic design