Thomas Adams - web design, graphic design and video editor

I’m Thomas Adams, a passionate Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and a Video Editor, based in Brisbane, Queensland. My journey into this creative realm began with a deep appreciation for the transformative power of design. There’s something truly special about being involved in a project, watching it evolve from concept to completion, and being able to showcase the final product with pride.

One of my greatest sources of joy is building and designing websites. Whether it’s creating an immersive online experience or crafting stand-alone graphics that elevate the brand, I thrive on the artistry of digital communication.

One of my proudest achievements as a designer was leading the complete rebrand of Xperience Realty, a boutique real estate agency. The project was a transformative journey, as we transitioned from their initial superhero-inspired motif with bold orange hues to a minimalist, sleek, and elegant design. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase the power of design in redefining an identity.

I hold a Bachelor of Creative Industries, earned in 2019 from Queensland University of Technology. Since then, I’ve cultivated a diverse portfolio, working on a wide range of projects, from creating captivating sporting graphics for a Premier Grade Cricket Club to developing promotional and informational videos and graphics for a whole food retailer. I’ve also honed my skills as a web designer and contributed my expertise in an agency and freelance environment.

I have experience in managing multiple eCommerce websites, where I was continually immersed in the world of web design, crafting new webpages, designs, and graphics. My passion for design fuels my enthusiasm for tackling fresh, exciting projects, learning new techniques, and exploring ideas I’ve long dreamed of bringing to life.

Whether working solo or collaboratively, I am dedicated to the craft of design and the art of visual storytelling. I’m excited about the creative possibilities that each new project brings and am always eager to push the boundaries of what’s possible.